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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

It's never too early to learn good Roadcraft.

After the Q Ride pre-learners course, the idea of riding on the road can be daunting. It's not always easy to find a supervisor and when you do, you're sometimes not sure whether the advice they are giving you is correct.

With Roadcraft Australia, your training session will be tailored to your specific needs. Whether that's polishing the slow speed techniques you learnt in training, plus a few extra exercises to relate the learning to road specific skills, or feeling more confident on tight mountain roads, the session is targeted and takes place at your pace.

Training is usually 1:1, is never more than 1:2 and the other pupil will never be a stranger at a different skill or experience level to you. If you want to share with a friend to halve the price then it's your choice. The lesson will be on your own bike and starts and finishes wherever you choose, so you can start at home or wherever you keep your bike.

Typically the lesson will start with discussing your experience and what you want to achieve, probably with a little bit of theory. If you need slow speed practice first, we'll do that as close to your starting point as possible and will make sure you have the basic techniques and skills before we venture to road riding. Before riding on the road, you will be issued with an earpiece, if you don't already have Bluetooth, so that you can hear instructions and directions from your instructor.

When you're ready, you'll follow the instructor and he'll give you a commentary about everything he's seeing, why he's positioning the bike where he is, why he's slowing down, speeding up etc; in short, anticipating what he can see, what he can't see and what he can reasonably expect to happen. He'll discuss what action he is taking to minimise the risk and the adjustments he's making to his rider plan. After a brief chat you'll then take the lead, with the instructor talking you through every situation as they arise live in front of you. His reassuring voice will add to your observation and anticipation skills; ultimately making you a more confident, skilled and safer rider.

Roadcraft Australia has the Learner Rider Guarantee. If you complete a training session in readiness for your RE or R assessment and don't pass, you'll get free training until you do. The training you get with Roadcraft isn't designed to help you pass your assessment but to make you a smoother, faster and safer rider. However, after developing those skills you should be able to get your licence easily; the Learner Rider Guarantee proves that.

Roadcraft Australia instructors have been teaching on road riding skills from learners to emergency response riders for over 20 years. If you, or someone you care about, could benefit from improved riding skills then click here for more riding tips or to make a booking on the Facebook page click on the link below:

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